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Itc rennie mackintosh font

In either case, ITC New Rennie Mackintoshâ„¢ may be the typeface for you. Its narrow proportions saves space, and the design shines at large. Architect and lettering artist from United Kingdom with 5 fonts including ITC New Rennie Mackintoshâ„¢. Rennie Mackintosh ITC Bold ( downloads) Free For Personal Use Report in last 7 days: No. of fonts downloaded in last 30 days:

ITC Rennie Mackintosh was designed in by Phill Grimshaw, and is the result of This font family includes two weights, bold and light, each with alternate. Information about the font ITC Rennie Mackintosh and where to buy it. Buy ITC Rennie Mackintosh Bold desktop font from on

ITC Rennie Mackintosh in use. A digital interpretation of the lettering of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, art directed by Colin Brignall and designed by Phill. Typefaces based on his lettering include ITC Rennie Mackintosh (, by Phill Later additions include The Classic Charles Rennie Mackintosh Font, The. Download rennie mackintosh itc font free at, database with web fonts, truetype and opentype fonts for Windows, Linux. All Rights Reserved