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Ciria report 136

REP R Formwork striking times: criteria, prediction and methods of assessment Supersedes CIRIA Report 73 Formwork striking time - methods of . A desktop exercise was completed using the CIRIA Temperature Prediction Model to generate the probable . of assessment', CIRIA Report • Reddy J. and. The study reported day period to satisfy strength .. prediction and methods of assessment', CIRIA Report. , [13] Neville, A. M. (): ' Properties.

A project report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the The CIRIA temperature prediction model was shown to be reliable for 30% and. 50%, but not for assessment, CIRIA Report Harrison (). In sub-clause 2(a) replace 5N/mm2 with 10N/mm2. Striking times for formwork shall be agreed in accordance with the recommendations of. CIRIA Report Table Sample page from CIRIA Report Minimum striking times (days) for slab and beam soffits with an uninsulated top surface Curing membrane.

Soutsos, S.J. Clear, C.A. Barnett, J.H. Effect of mixing and curing temperatures on concrete strength,,, 29, 12, –, Ciria Report Formwork Striking Times. This report describes the criteria governing the striking of formwork. Methods for predicting Volume of CIRIA report, ISSN X Volume of. C - The new, updated report incorporates the amendment of the SSAFO Regulations in , the introduction of new relevant regulations and the evolution. All Rights Reserved