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Autocad coordinate table

You have some points - with specific names - in your drawing file created with AutodeskĀ® AutoCADĀ® product. You want to obtain a table with the point coordinates: inside the drawing and as external file. Use the DATAEXTRACTION command / functionality to get the data about. Hello I am using AC for 2D drawings. Regularly I am using Coordinate system of dimensioning for specifying points. But I am still using. Run the command NEX then it will show below options in the command prompt. [ G]etpoints by pick, [P]olylinevertex, all [B]locks in drawing and [F]inish (G / P / B.

Hi all, I use Autocad for all my cad work and I would like to select 'x,y' co- ordinates and place them in a table. Co-ordinates are used to. Hi to all! Some time ago I found lisp that create a coordinate table according to the coordinate points placed in the drawing. The code I have. All Rights Reserved