Arkham origins burnley tower patch download


Arkham origins burnley tower patch

just downloaded the latest update and check the Burnley Tower its working So the patch was just released, but you already know they fixed 'most Close Arkham Origins (If in game) and close and restart your steam client. There is a bug on PC (Already fixed). Batman can't climb into the ventilation in Burnley Tower. But you still can capture this tower with another. Support for Arkham Knight PC ยท Reply. Topic Options. Subscribe http://www. Couldn't be bothered waiting for a patch Smiley Tongue. EDIT: Forgot to add right click and.

Batman: Arkham Origins Burnley Tower Glitch & Other Common Bug . EDIT: I saw a report on the Steam forums that they released a patch on. I have come across an area Area Called Burnley Which has a Comms Tower Which I have to Hacking the Terminal the Enigma. Before the patch, the most infamous glitch was in the Burnley district's comm tower, where Batman was unable to climb up a vent and became.

Batman Arkham Origins Screenshot guide of how to unlock the Burnley While trying to unlock the Burnley GCR tower you, like many others We are hoping WB Games will release a patch very soon to address this issue. Hi name is GAM33RSFR33AK. And i just found a bug in batman arkham burnely comms cannot go through vent. All Rights Reserved