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RE/MAX Convention in Orlando - ActiveRain Members - Let's Meet !!

Christine Bohn just posted about setting up an Active Rain meetup for the RE/MAX Convention in Orlando from Feb. 28th through March 3rd.  I'll be there as well and am looking forward to getting together with some folks I haven't yet met as well as some old friends.

Let us know if you will be attending the RE/MAX Convention.

Finally, after being with REMAX for 7 years....I am finally attending a RE/MAX Convention.  I am looking forward to it!  I've been to the NAR convention in Orlando last year, and it was great to meet other ActiveRain members.  So, why not try to see how many ActiveRain members will be in Orlando for the RE/MAX Convention???

February 28th through Wed March 3rd. - ORLANDO, FL

I sure would like to have a MEET and GREET with ActiveRain Members !!

Let's try to plan a "get-together"  for a RE/MAX & ActiveRain Bloggers

Let's Meet Face-to-Face and take some photos too!

REMAX   +    ActiveRain.......... What a concept !!!


Leave a comment here and let's try to set a time & place to meet at the hotel.

I will be staying at the Orlando World Center Marriott Orlando, Florida too.

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Comment balloon 7 commentsBrian Block • February 12 2010 10:37AM


Brian, Spending some time in the sunshine state must be lookin' really good to you 'bout now! Enjoy!

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