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Read regular font

Read Regular is a typeface designed specifically to help people with dyslexia read and write more effectively. Please use the pulldown menu to view different character maps contained in this font. Reading Regular is a trademark of Mega Type. Reading Note of the author. Please visit megatype to download the full "Reading" font family. Reading is.

Publisher-only fonts, designed for dyslexia. Barrington Stoke, for children, Read Regular,. The most commonly used fonts come with Microsoft Office. You can. There are several fonts that have been designed for the dyslexic reader including Dyslexie, Opendyslexic, Gill Dyslexic, Read Regular, Lexia Readable, and. Dyslexia-Friendly Fonts To Facilitate Learning and Reading. For one in five . The study included both the regular and Italic forms of these three typefaces.

This is part of my pages on Typeface or Font Readability. . The claims for the Read Regular font as being better-read by people with dyslexia do not appear to . Many dyslexic people also find it easier to read a font that looks similar to hand writing the Read Regular typeface, where it is known as Zwijsen Dyslexiefont. All Rights Reserved