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Phaladeepika is a treatise on Hindu astrology written by Mantreswara. The text is written in lyrical Sanskrit verse comprises slokas and 28 chapters. It is one. Phaladeepika by Mantreswara. Phaladeepika by Mantreswar is one of the acknowledged great classics of Vedic astrology written in the 16th century. Phaladeepika by Gopesh Kumar Ojha Hindi - Free ebook download as PDF File ( .pdf) or read book online for free. Phaldeepika / Phaladeepika of Mantrashwar.

Saal trees are ruled by Rahu. Thus ends the second chapter on "Planets and their Varieties" In. Phaladeepika composed by Mantreswara. The book titled Phaladeepika of Mantreswara in English in PDF format. MANTRESWARA'S PHALA DEEPIKA - Jyotish Vidya. Pages · · KB on "Definitions" in Phaladeepika composed by. Mantreswara. bharatva.

Be aware that this is just a study journal of Phaladeepika (She Who Illuminates the Fruit), I have more explanatory introductory information. Posts about Illuminating the Fruit (Phaladeepika) written by Vic DiCara. Download Phaladeepika by Gopesh Kumar Ojha Hindi. All Rights Reserved