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Gr radiostatus panel

nav,.pagination,.carousel,.panel-title a { cursor: pointer; } If you're using a custom template for the uib-accordion-group, you'll need to have an element for the heading to be .. ng-model $ - Model where we set the radio status. All radio . panel-class (Default: panel-default) - Add ability to use Bootstrap's contextual panel classes (panel-primary, Instead of the heading attribute on the uib- accordion-group, you can use an .. ng-model $ - Model where we set the radio status. This system provides three (3) forms of protection: burglary, fire, and emergency, depending on the options set by your installer. The system consists of the.

Features Collapsed. Control of up to nine user-configurable R&SĀ®Series radios via LAN; Display of the radio status (Go/NoGo, carrier, squelch) for fast. Note that this requires that all of the radio buttons be directly in the same container (eg, Panel or Form), and that there is only one group in the. Core Software Group .. In the Floor Settings panel, click the arrow beside Access Points, and then, in the When monitoring the same device's radio status , the.

NXE-GSM-ZX-RG NetworX Cellular Module, HSPA 3G GSM with Z-wave, panel data bus and is powered by the panel or an auxiliary VDC power supply. . panel. 3. Verify that radio status LED 1 is not flashing any errors. When I run the Radio status test, it fails and the radio status screen that is displayed will support monitoring the 2GIG GC3 panel over the Wifi connection ? and likely in the first group of things being addressed by firmware. Control Panel and Power Supply Mounting. .. Radio Status Mode. .. GR. OUND. N.O.. EOL LOOP. K EOLR. N.C.. HA. R. DWIR. E. LOOP 1 O. R. 2. GR. Radio-buttons should typically be placed inside of an group> unless the DOM structure would make that impossible (e.g., radio-buttons inside of. All Rights Reserved