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Survivre avec les loups

In , the young Jewish girl Misha, her Russian mother Gerusha and her German father Reuven hide from the Germans in a small house in Ardennes, Belgium. Misha Defonseca (novel), Véra Belmont (scenario, adaptation and dialogue) Mathilde Goffart, Yaël Abecassis, Guy Bedos. Véra Belmont's World War II-era, French-language drama Survivre avec les loups dramatizes the incredible true story of a 7-year-old Jewish. The book sold well in several countries and was made into a movie, Survivre avec les loups (Surviving with the Wolves), named after the claim that Misha was .

survivre avec les loups has 1 rating and 1 review: Published by Pocket, Paperback. Directed by Véra Belmont. with Mathilde Goffart, Yaël Abecassis, Guy Bedos, Michèle Bernier, Benno Fürmann A little eight-year-old girl makes her way. international title: Surviving With Wolves. original title: Survivre avec les loups. country: France. sales agent: Wild Bunch. year: genre: fiction. directed by.

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