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This is a new NG+ mod with no relation to the one by SpasMaran. In it, Luka is back at the start of the game, retaining both his skills from part 3 and his memories. MGQ NG+ . but you want to insult him right now. download/q8qfb6hbby7f5we/ Hello ladies and gentlemen, yet again to my new special. 90th special, I might add. This took me quite a while to make. Like, at the very least.

So. uh. This is the reason I can't quite do the fights in the MGQ canon universe. I have the files of MGQ, Part 3 but not 1&2. So, I don't know. Steam Workshop: Left 4 Dead 2. *Sniff* "The new hero didn't like me"~Sylph " Welcome"~Khan Oh dear looks like those pesky spirits want to go. Steam Workshop: Left 4 Dead 2. "Ready luka-boy"~Alma Elma "Welcome"~Khan Oh dear look like the queen of succubus is here to play and.

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