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ImgXdll, The ImgX ActiveX DLL library. Reference this in your COM compliant applications including Visual Basic 6. This dll is always necessary. Resolution Re-register the following ION E files: \system\bin\imgxdll \system\ bin\ e.g.. From the Windows command prompt, navigate to the. Failed to register COM (ActiveX) control: C:\Program Files\PartyCAD12\ImgX dll. Failure in LoadLibrary() () Failed to register COM.

Message reads RegSvr32 DllRegisterServer in succeeded. Ensure that Imgxdll exists and re-register it aswell following the same proceedure. Method 1: Solving the DLL Error by Copying the ImgXdll File to the Windows System Folder Common ImgXdll Errors; Dll Files Similar toImgXdll. ImgXdll is a Dynamic Link Library file that belongs to the Windows program. We've found that there are a lot of potential problems that will be causing the DLL .

DLL (by Atalasoft) - ImgX Controls; ImgXocx; IMGXDIALOGDLL - ImgXDialog (Custom Open Dialog with preview image as an add-on to ImgX6 Controls.). How to repair file ImgXdll. Original file to replace broken file imgxdll. Reason Core Security anti-malware scan for the file ImgXdll (SHA-1 cbf13dc5ecab01faaee3ce12efdb). Reason Core. Reason Core Security anti-malware scan for the file ImgXdll (SHA-1 5dedebdfdeccddc77cbb2c). Reason Core. All Rights Reserved