Retrospect linux client download


Retrospect linux client

Retrospect Client for Windows , Download - 50 MB. Retrospect Client for Retrospect Client for Linux x86 , Download - 1 MB. Retrospect. Retrospect 15 for Windows and Mac using the included Retrospect Client 15 for Linux: The following Linux distributions are supported on x Installation Guide for Retrospect Client for Linux. Resources. Note: installation of the client installer requires Administrative permissions. Open a.

For general discussions on Linux Clients backed up from a Macintosh. Retrospect Client for Mac PowerPC , Download - 7 MB. Retrospect Client for Windows , Download - 50 MB. Retrospect Client for Linux x Retrospect is a family of software applications that back up computers running the macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and classic Mac OS operating systems. It uses the client–server backup model, which means there must be a backup server application running on one computer and small-footprint client.

Version New: Linux client installer supports multiple public keys; Fixed: Fixed Linux client installer errors on Ubuntu and Debian (#); Note: n a . I have had a look at the installation files for Retrospect and there is a Red Only the network client component runs under Linux and Solaris. To create the package follow the steps below. sudo apt-get install alien sudo alien -g --scripts linux_client-7_7_rpm cd retroclient To install the Retrospect client under Ubuntu/Debian Linux (and its derivatives). 1. Download the client installer from here. All Rights Reserved