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Red alert 2 new units

PillBox20's Red Alert 2. Feb 18 Released Dec 28, Real Time Strategy . This mod upgrades some vanilla misions from the game. New units, obstacles. Add new page · Games Red Alert 2 Soviet Arsenal. Category page. Edit · History · Talk (0) · 25px-Disambig, This article is about Arsenals in the Red Alert Universe. For Tiberian Red Alert Arsenals by Faction and Game Units. Infantry. Add new page Red Alert 2 Allied Arsenal This article is about Arsenals in the Red Alert Universe. Units. Infantry . Allied Units and Structures Summary.

This is a new section for new units for Red Alert. Essentially these are actually units which are already in the game but have had their characteristics and/or. Find all the latest Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 PC game best mods on This mod from Master X.A.A. Overmind of Borg adds completly new units. It adds new units, new graphics, new sounds, new effects, new maps, . If you were annoyed that Red Alert 2 would not let you go to a tighter.

A Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (C&C: RA2) Tutorial in the Other/Misc Go to the new file location (in the Mixer) or drag the mix file into the root of the XCC. | MB. One of the most popular Red Alert 2 mod. Over 80 new units and buildings. New maps, multiplayer modes, command options. All Rights Reserved