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Png button delphi

I have created a similar component that is a SpeedButton which accepts a TPicture as its Glyph. this is the unit. I hope you benefit well from it. Hi i want to use PNG images in speedbutton or in bitbutton and i can't (Delphi XE). In Delphi 7 i used pngimage files with PNGButton. A few days ago I needed to create a component which would take 3 PNG images, glue them together and output. Nothing complex, really, Delphi can handle.

Each speed button needs a graphic image called a glyph to indicate to the user what the button does. If you supply the speed button only one. Delphi and Builder Resource Center - Png Button - Search quickly for Png Button components, downloads, tips, coding, forum, chat, news, message boards. Torry's Delphi Pages. 3D Caption and Transparent regions are available in button . Transparent & PNG Support Image Button v

Description. TImageButton - easy to use button component for multimedia application with different Up, Down and (Dis) Disabled state pictures. Pictures for . [Delphi]Open in popup window If I try to load a png image into a large button on a ribbon using code I've got a painting issue with PNG images on TToolbar buttons. Strange things happen: Using the same test project in Delphi , the IDE. All Rights Reserved