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Another source of information on the BigTIFF format is the BigTIFF design page over at the LibTiff site. That page is the HTML equivalent of a former Wiki format. BigTIFF files have a ".tif" or ".tiff" file extension just like ordinary TIFF files. A new version in the file header prevents programs which have not linked with the  File Format - File Processing - Internal Object Changes - API Changes. Variant of the TIFF format that uses bit offsets thereby supporting files up to 18, petabytes in size, vastly transcending TIFF's normal 4 GB limit. Specification ("The BigTIFF File Format Proposal") provided online by AWare Systems. GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library Identification and description - Sustainability factors - Quality and functionality.

Tagged Image File Format, abbreviated TIFF or TIF, is a computer file format for storing raster .. BigTIFF is a TIFF variant file format which uses bit offsets and supports much larger files. The BigTIFF file format specification was implemented   Features and options - Part 2: TIFF Extensions - TIFF Compression Tag - TIFF/IT. Everything you need to know is described in the BigTIFF link posted by @cgohlke . This is just to provide an answer to your question. The biggest factor in BigTIFF's favor is that the widely used LibTiff library supports it. This means there are probably lots of applications that.

When built with internal libtiff or with libtiff >= , GDAL also supports reading and writing BigTIFF files (evolution of the TIFF format to support files larger than 4 . Brief introduction to the TIFF format; Enter BigTIFF; BigTIFF support in MATLAB; Using BigTIFF with BLOCKPROC (Image Processing Toolbox). Are there any drawbacks to doing this? There are softwares that are not going to be able to read BIGTIFF. It is likely that most geospatial/GIS. Dez. BigTIFF logically extends the original TIFF file format, breaking the 4 gigabyte boundary, in theory allowing files up to 18, de:petabytes in. All Rights Reserved