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Average Home Prices in... [Insert City/Town], Northern Virginia

How much can you afford?  Where can you afford to live?  Can you get a single-family home, townhouse, or condo?  Is this town more expensive than that one?

These are all questions that cross every homebuyer's mind.

And, of course, every seller wants to know: How much can I get for my home in [Insert City/Town]?

Everyone buying or selling a home wants to know average home prices in the different local areas.   Home prices vary greatly from one locality to the next.  I like to tell folks that in Northern Virginia if you drive 5 miles, you're in a different housing market!

Here's a brief guide to the average prices in different cities and towns in Northern Virginia -- note that within each of these areas prices can vary widely depending upon particular neighborhood.  This is a general guide just to prices within these cities and towns.

The prices are broken down by type of home -- detached single family, townhouse, and condo.  You should also note that these averages are based on MRIS data of currently listed homes.  The data does not include for sale by owner properties, and does not necessarily indicate the prices for which these homes will eventually sell. 

It's also important to note that in some areas, homes priced at extreme ends of the pricing spectrum may have unproportionately skewed the numbers slightly.

Average Home Prices in Northern VirginiaALEXANDRIA

Detached         $1,031,907
Townhouse       $773,693
Condo             $301,291


Detached          $614,271
Townhouse       $364,759
Condo              $178,095


Detached          $1,002,546
Townhouse        $591,284
Condo              $468,231


Detached          $551,077
Townhouse       $329,044
Condo             $231,450


Detached        $728,022
Townhouse      $430,283
Condo            $296,489


Detached        $864,031
Townhouse     $628,314
Condo           $516,691


Detached       $2,344,803
Townhouse       $939,235
Condo             $490,107


Detached        $719,586
Townhouse     $412,198
Condo           $316,847


Detached       $525,911
Townhouse    $350,943
Condo           $173,599

You can certainly see the disparity between the different locations.  Use this as a handy-dandy guide to helping you choose where to purchase your next home.  The average home in McLean is obviously very different from the average home in Springfield.  Reston condos are obviously more priced than those in Annandale.  Etc.

For a more detailed pricing guide broken down to a micro level including zip codes or particular neighborhoods, feel free to contact me anytime.


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