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Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Nationals vs. Pirates -- May 1stNationals vs. Phillies -- July 29thSunday March 30th is Opening Day for the Washington Nationals baseball team.  While opening day for baseball is exciting enough (and who doesn't enjoy sitting in the stands during beautiful springtime weather?), this time around it is really special because it marks Opening Day for the newly constructed $700 Million Nationals Park in Washington D.C.  

Nationals Park has already sold out to its 41,888 seat capacity for Opening Day.  Excitement is in the air and buzzing all around the D.C. area about the new stadium, which is expected to become the first major stadium to receive certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) from the U.S. Green Building Council. 

The location around the new stadium will become a major D.C. destination, with shops, restaurants and other entertainment tied to the redevelopment of the Anacostia Riverfront.  Nationals Park was constructed in less than 2 years from groundbreaking to Opening Day, a record pace for the building of a major league stadium.  

Compare the hitting distances in the new Nationals Park to the old field at RFK Stadium, and you'll see that big hitters are in for a bonanza of homeruns this year:

It's time for baseball                             RFK                            NATIONALS PARK

Left Field                380 feet                      377 feet 

Center Field            410 feet                      402 feet

Right Center           380 feet                      370 feet

Right Field              335 feet                      335 feet


The Washington Nationals are hoping to attract baseball fans to the park with good baseball, and... good food.  Food vendors at the new Nationals Park include Hard Times Cafe, Cantina Marina, Noah's Pretzels, and others.  Five Guys Burgers and Capitol City Brewing Company are still in talks with the team.


Do you want to see a game this season?

Nationals vs. Rockies -- August 17thNationals vs. Phillies -- September 1stHere's your chance.  I've already got tickets to several games.  Work with me to purchase or sell a home between April 1st and September 1st and you can have the opportunity to go see a Nationals game.  


This offer only applies for new clients who sign a listing agreement or buyer broker's agreement with Brian Block.


Whether the team wins or loses the game, you win big.  You benefit from the expertise, knowledge, and counsel of working with me to achieve your real estate goals, and you get to see a baseball game at the new Nationals Park!


Give me a call at 703-626-0715 or contact me by e-mail to get started on your real estate quest.  I've got some baseball tickets reserved in your name.



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Take Me Out to the Ballgame!
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