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Fortunately, simple didn't scare Steve Jobs. Apple's apple was born when Jobs decided that the company's original logo (a woodcut by. The name Apple was a great choice by Steve Jobs as evident in his simplistic preferences. One of his favourite quotes was the one by Leonardo Da Vinci. Current Apple Inc. logo introduced in , was taken down in and was re- established in Apple Inc., formerly Apple Computer, Inc., is a multinational corporation that creates consumer Founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created Apple Computer on April 1, , and incorporated the company on.

Beyond Apple's epic legacy of innovative products lies an equally compelling history of corporate identity. The first Apple logo was designed by Steve Jobs and . As of why it's an apple? It results in Steve Jobs working in an orchard when he was a boy and decided to name it after his favorite brand of. A Hong Kong student tweaked the Apple logo as a tribute to the company's former CEO.

Holden Frith says one story recounts how the Apple logo was a tribute to Alan Turing; "Sadly, the truth Steve Jobs leaves lasting legacy The revised Apple logo, with Steve Jobs' silhouette in place of the bite mark, found its way to all corners of the news media and the Internet in. All Rights Reserved